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Have a well written, flowing book that tells your story in your authentic voice to reach and grow your audience every day


Is your first book concept poorly written, has no good flow or is too jumpy?

Is your book 2 or 3 books shoved into one?
Do you have too much or too little detail?
Or.. You just don’t know if you have any of these problems, and you need someone to take a look at it?
Imagine if…

…You had a book that flows with your message and its fun and easy to read

…You had a book with one main and clear message

…You had the right message with the right amount of details in your book

…You had a book that will make sense to more than your inner circle

I’m here to help you get your book out into the world

How it works


No-charge Discovery call

Schedule a no-charge discovery call to see if we are a good fit. Editors need to be aligned with the author for the best results


Choose the package that best fits you

If you are feeling stuck in being able to find your voice, we will talk and help you over that block


We work together

We work together on proofreading/editing. When we are done, you walk away with a well-polished book ready for publishing

What clients are saying

Kathryn is such a gracious person with so much heart. I had no qualms about asking her to edit my book. Kathryn enacted great care in her editing, making sure I was able to keep my identity in my writing. At the same time Kathryn provided useful insight into improvements/changes I could make while allowing for differences in language (UK versus USA). A great experience and I will be using Kathryn’s services again in the future
Heidi Tyler

My first book of humorous essays, The Audacious Adventures of Zazoo Plazz, Part-time Superhero, Full-time Mom, went from “rough” to “ready” thanks to the patience, expertise, and loving critique of Kathryn Cartwright. I know that Zazoo would be a different—and less enjoyable—adventure had I not been privileged to obtain Kathryn/Kaci’s unique perspective prior to finalizing and formatting the book for publication. She brought to my attention two stories that seemed awkward until I merged them into one, and saved the extra paragraphs for inclusion in a future Zazoo book. I marvel that she is still speaking to me, after she spent hours fixing my hyphens and dashes – my favorite forms of punctuation. I enthusiastically recommend her editorial services, especially to first-time authors courageously showcasing their creative dreams to the world. She will guide you toward greater confidence in your divine work, and in yourself.
Leslie Placzek

How I can help you

Choose the package that better suits your needs

Bronze - $150

Straight proofreading

Silver - $500 - $900

Content editing and proofreading

Gold - $1000 - $1,500

Content editing, proofreading, and back cover synopsis writing (copywriting for advertising as well)

Each of the packages includes:


A discovery call to ensure that we are in alignment on your vision and purpose


Two – 1 hour calls with me to discuss more in-depth what your vision for the book is and my comments I make within the Word/Google Document file for clarification. (This includes the proofreading package, as needed)

I’m here to help you

Hi, I’m Kathryn!

I am an editor and writing coach helping coaches, speakers and authors create an authentic message and vision for their book using my intuitive heart-led skills so that the book shares their story with the world.

Work Samples

These are some of the books I’ve had the pleasure editing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay to edit my book?
Grammarly and other document proofreading aren’t able to catch everything. The technology isn’t there yet.
How long will this take?
It depends on how much is finished versus how much you need to still do when I receive the rough draft. Typically, my first review will be in the first week; then I send it back to you, and then we start the editing calls to discuss comments and changes. It may take you a week or two before you are ready to discuss the comments. However, three or four weeks is the shortest.

Let’s talk and get your book out into the world!